From the Neighbor's Thorn Bush

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These are photos of pieces of the neighbor’s thorn bush, as it was being cut and thrown into their trailer for a trip to the dump. The last time I this much yellow was after applying a liberal dose of dye to a project.

The wood seems to have the appearance of density equal to sycamore, and someone the same grain. I did notice a bit of yellow on my hands after handling it for a quick test by way of some turning on the lathe.

The most I’ll get out of it will be some wine stoppers. I don’t know if the yellow will hang on or disappear, like purple heart. We’ll see.

The pieces are small enough I’ll just turn them, let them dry, then fill the cracks with epoxy.

A quick search suggests it’s Barberry/Berberis thunbergii. As one fellow said, the wood is so yellow, it looks fake.

Very cool and interesting.

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Very interesting wood! Let us know how it works out.


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Crazy looking wood, I thought you’d painted the ends. Will be interested to see the end result

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario