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This seems like a good Idea and the Editorial written by Debbie is well written with interesting points,not having read all of it yet I’m assuming the rest of it is well done also just because Debbies involved with it’s creation.
I do have one issue in that when going to comment it appears those who comments has to be a member of Facebook in which I am not and have no interest in joining. If this is an Idea to give WWW a better presence on Facebook I understand but if you want comments from non Facebook members it could use some improvement. I may just be a rare person who is not on Facebook so maybe my point is mute in that case.

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We’re with you on this one. We are not now, and never plan to be, Facebook members so whenever login is necessary to vote, comment, enter a contest, etc., we just ignore it. Maybe it could be linked to our WWW login somehow.


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Thanks for feedback Jim & L/W. Woodworking Monthly is built on a different platform so it’s not easy to bring membership features there. We added FB comments as a quick and easy solution for readers to say something if they need.

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Hi Martin
I realize most folks are on FB so I understand why you took that approach the platform aspect involved you know far better than myself,I guess I don’t need to comment on everything :)

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

hmmm interesting.
((putting thinking cap on: how can we provide all our members the opportunity to comment. hmm))
well, most of the stuff is linked to our woodworkingweb (except the editorial, of course). That’s something I can be more aware of — making sure a link is provided for everything so you can provide feedback there.

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Hi Debbie
Not a big issue if it’s only the editorial section ,I mosty just wanted to compliment you on a job well done, but I always think you do a good job. Thanks for your concern.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

thanks :)

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