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Hello everyone
dont if this the right spot for this,but I am looking for some ideas/advice on a project I am working on.I am building some hot wheel car storage for some young kids in the family.I am starting with building a box and stacking tubing ( central vac tubes)on there side about 4" long. 6 wide and about 15 high .Where I am having the problem is the door I want to do a roll up door. same as a roll top desk what I am not sure of is how to keep the slats together .do I drill and tie them together with a thin line or is there backing that you can put on the slats (seen a slide top bread box with some kind of a material on them ) any feed back ideas appreciated

thanks Bill


When I made tambours for appliance garages in my kitchen island, I glued the slats to fabric (cotton duck). It works very well and has held up with no problems for about 10 years now. I have three other older tambours that were made the same way (I didn’t make them) which are working fine as well.

I didn’t buy tambour track, but instead just routed a dado. I stopped the fabric so that it does not run in the dado. (I was afraid it might bind.)

I chose the fabric because I just couldn’t imagine the nightmare of trying to line up all those tiny holes . . . and then what happens when the cord breaks a few years down the line? I made my slats to run in a 3/8" dado so that would have given very little room to drill.

This is just my opinion but I hope it might be helpful to you.


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I found this video on the subject, might help…

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

thanks for the advice and video was great think I will head to a fabric store see what I can find . makes more sense than trying to line up the holes will post some pictures when done

I’d love to see the finished product. it sounds interesting.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

When I was s younger i made a recipe box for my wife it was in the form of an old style roll top desk for 3″ × 5 " recipe cards .
I used a piece of sticky back craft material like you would use to line a jewelry box, craft stores these in many colors , a 9"x 12 cost about 40 or 50 cents then this was about 35 years ago and it still works like new today .
i laid out the slats ,good side down, and pealed off the backing and applied the sticky side to the slats


Canvas backing is the traditional way to go but the sell a router bit the interlocks tambor together too.

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Tambour material can be bought from Recycle centers in odd bits.
Here is some a bread boxes and a car garage I made around 2010 with some offcuts.

So there is a couple of ideas you may be able to modify and use.

Regards Rob

I have the basic garage storage built.Pieces all cut for the Tambour and have the jig built for assembling just need to get the duck cloth assemble and try it out will post pictures when done

Artists supply places sells canvas that works fine.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks everybody found the Duck clothe worked great just posted a picture of the proto type I have 3 to make for Christmas This the boys ( oldest Grandson and 2 great nephews) gift this year