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I bought a jet cyclone dust collector a couple months ago for my table saw, today I decided to check on the bag and sure enough it needed changed out, 60 gallon bag ¾ full.
They’re is a barrel, a bag and a cage device inside the bag .
1- you can’t get the cage out of the dust
2 -you can’t get the bag out of the barrel namely because of suction from the barrel.
I had to use another dust collector to extract all the dust out of the bag.
Am I using the collector all wrong or is it the worst bagging option ever designed?

empty it more often,that should make things much easier.

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I suppose emptying it more often is the option. It’s a shame that you can only use a small portion of the bag.

I went to the place I bought the dust collector for something completely unrelated and the salesman asked me about the dust collector, I told him my issues and he said “you are not the only one with this issue”
OK, I do feel a little better but it still doesn’t solve the problem, great dust collector but the bagging system design is terrible.

sometimes the options are limited. You may be able to create a box or some other container that will be easier to empty.

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I’ve learned to empty my dust bins weekly. That has become my normal routine, every Sunday I clean up the shop and empty the shop vacs, dust collector, and saw dust bin under my table saw. Blow out filters and vacuum the shop. That way stuff doesn’t build up beyond a weeks worth.

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This is dust collector #4 in my shop and the smallest one of them, the weight of a full bag is certainly not a problem, since I have a forklift. The problem is I don’t have the option (without a multitude of problems) to have a full bag. There is even a clear space on the barrel that has a “full” mark. The design was obviously meant to beable to have a full bag and I hope designed without the intent of bag and cage removal issues.
I understand the design would take alot to change. It would be nice if the company could recognize this and have a future plan and have a retro fit option for mine. As for the time being I took out the bag and when it’s full I’ll use the other collector to extract the dust out of the barrel.

Get rid of the cage and the bag and just fill it to the point where you can still lift the barrel. The bag overcomplicates things. Also, there are lots of mods around for these things with all kinds of contraptions for lifting and sealing the barrel, etc. Some of them are pretty ingenious. Most focus on the actual separater, but you already have that part.

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Thanks Brian. I can’t really do much with the barrel, it’s pretty flimsy. I’m sure there is a way to get a full bag, with or with out using the barrel or the cage. The weight of dust isn’t an issue with the help of the fork lift.

Mine uses a thirty gallon drum and I don’t have much trouble with it. I used fencing to make my cage (5" square openings) and a bit of shaking and twisting and they pull out fine. The suction problem is solved by running some tube down to let the air move and kill the suction problem.

The Jet video on this seems straight-forward, though I can see where suction would make the bag difficult to remove – I have the same problem with grass & leaves when I rake them, and place them in a drum – a garden hose draped down the side should eliminate that problem.

The cage allows the bag to be in the drum – otherwise, the bag is sucked-out. I agree with Brian, eliminate the cage & bag, and pour the filled container into a bag-lined trashcan – it’s a bit messy the first several times, but it is better than most alternatives. I have the large Clearvue, and empty it after each project.