The Rotation Situation

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Well around New Years I slipped on the ice in Banff and did a nasty number on my shoulder. Torn rotator cuff is what they call it. I must work as I do enjoy eating so after a week of doing nothing I got myself back Into "MyHappyPlace? The Woodshop. Lucky for me, my next project is for 3 custom entry way cabinets that are a nice manageable size. My pace has slowed down but I have noticed that my attention to details has improved. However I did discover that there are a lot tools in my shop that require "Rotation " and this has proven to be quite challenging as I’m learning to use my left hand more as my right shoulder heals.
Cheers fellow Woodworkers. Here’s a pic that I want to share of some of the cranks that I’m rotating every day.

My Woodshop is my happy place?

We hope your shoulder heals quickly. Maybe you’ll become a lefty while you’re healing!


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Sorry to hear about the slip, hope its a fast recovery. Best of luck.

I can relate to how you feel having been off for several month with what is called a frozen shoulder and having been out in the shop .
Take it easy and let it heel but I know being in your happy place helps .


Sorry to hear about your fall,It’s amazing how many cranks we have in our shops.

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Sorry to hear of your fall, goodluck with the healing process.


Get well soon. Actually, get well sooner! ;-)

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Thank you very much for me he nice thoughts. I’m going to my yoga classes 3x a week. They are 1.5 hours each and I’m really feeling the strength coming back. It is an eye opener for a guy that works for himself to notice how much I rely on my physical health. Peace?

My Woodshop is my happy place?

I had multiple dislocations of my left shoulder from hockey and eventually had surgery to tighten up my rotator cuff…was a miserable 6 months of physio and limited mobility so I hope your recovery is a lot quicker and smoother!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario