I need to re-saw 2×6 in to 1×6, i don’t have a band saw, what are some other ways to do it?


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You can resaw your 2×6 on the table saw. Raise your blade as high as it will go and saw through as far as you can. Turn it over and saw the other half. If it does not go all the way through, finish the cut with a hand saw and then plane or sand to get it smooth.

You lose a little more material, but other than that, it works well.


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^ This. Also remember to leave space for further planing. These cuts never worked out to perfection for me, but I’m shaky Jake to begin with.

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Even though I have a band saw with a riser, I still cut pieces like lightweightladylefty suggested.

Thanks guys, i have been using my table saw, but after a while saw bogs down and needs to take a break.

Now this just hit me, what kind of blade do you have in there? I have a fine tooth, should i switch out for less tooth blade?

Thanks for your input!

Get yourself a thin kerf rip blade which will take less power to turn the blade and use a splitter or a wedge to keep the two cut pieces from binding and one other thing is if you have a bow in the 2×6 keep it facing the fence or you are going to wind up with thin spots and watch out for kick back.

Another way and the reasoning behind it.

If you want to cut a 2 × 6 into 2 × 1 × 6 Go to a timber yard and buy half the quantity you need of 1 × 6 as you will not get 2 × 1 × 6 from a single piece of 2 × 6.
You will get one at 1 " and another less than 1"

If that suits your purposes do a Keifer or L/W solution.
Otherwise save your 2 × 6 for a different project an lash out for the total stock required.

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Regarding the comment about the kerf closing and having to remove the splitter, just put it back on for the last half of the cut. I’ve never had a board close when I was cutting only half way through, but I have had it close on the last run.

Tony, don’t try to cut half way through in one pass. Maybe that’s why your saw is bogging down. Make 2 or 3 passes gradually raising your blade at each pass.

Thanks guys/gals for the tips.