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Metric vs imperial


I wish that manufactures would indicate what threads are use in their products. Many times a nut or bolt is lost and trying to find a match can be a pain in the ass getting the right one. I even have some tools that have both. Also fine and coarse. not to mention Withworth threads.


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Yes that would be a good idea Madts.

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Madts, how are you? It’s been a long time.

I agree it’s a PITA but that’s the global economy like it or not .


Most machine manuals list screw sizes, thank God. I lost a screw that vibrated out of the head lock on my planer once. Found the manual, went to the hardware store and I was back in business in short order. Then, of course I found the original screw on the floor immediately after I put the new one in.

All the hardware stores have those nuts and bolts identifiers so if you have a broken piece of it, at least you can identify what it is and buy a replacement. A little tougher when you don’t have any spares to bring or a manual that identifies the size.

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I bought these sets from Lee Valley a few years ago (they also have one for smaller sizes):,43456&p=69376

Honestly one of the most useful things in my shop, makes figuring out what bolt or nut to use so simple.

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Then there is the matter of big box and other stores selling dowels that fall to the metric side in a country where metric Forstners and such just aren’t readily available.