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I’m trying to figure out if there are enough participants on this site to have a box swap. I’m also trying to figure out the rules that would go along with the swap. As an example the size of the box. I would want the box to be able to hold 8.5×11 inch paper laying flat. So, that puts us in the ballpark of width x length. What is the minimum height we should have? I think anything beyond dimensions is up to the imagination of the builder. Let me hear from the rest of you guys. I think this is a great site and we need to get some traffic moving through it.

Great idea as this site needs traffic to grow .
I would specify that only inexspensive local material is used which would encourage design .

Only US wood. I like the idea. You’re right, it would encourage unique design over exotic wood.

So how does this work, you make some thing to fit in this box and ship to a random member?

Tony, we need to get a bunch of members to participate, come up with build rules, do the build, draw who you’re exchanging with and then put the box in the mail. So far I’m the only person committed. How about you? Maybe Kiefer is in.

Great idea. I added the link to home page. Thanks!

Martin Sojka,

Been a member here since 2014, first post is to say I’m in on a box swap

Will work wood for food.

That’s a good start papadan :)

Martin Sojka,

I’d be interested in participating!

David, I’ll keep you up to date. Thanks for wanting to participate.

I am in. I think that limiting to a letter sized box, is not what people want on their desktop, I propose a box for desktop use. Be it for pencils, for erasures or a box for the workbench.

By the way, how is the camel herd doing?


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