Shop time.

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Living in Houston TX. I find myself using a lot of time on tools. High humidity with salt in it is not good for tools. I have not timed my tool time vs. shoptime, but guess I spend about 15% of my time on tools. Shop cleanup is shop time to me.

Does any body have thoughts?


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I would love to have someone who would take care of my tools . . . sharpening; changing blades, bits, sandpaper, etc.; repairing; adjusting; fine-tuning; etc., etc. and also someone who would clean up after me! Those things seem to take up a majority of my time.


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Not enough time here. Then i have to deal with my son leaving his salty, sandy fishing gear on my table saw. Uggghhh…

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At the end of each project, I ‘reset’ my shop… there’s a Forum thread that I started on this…

It is a necessary part of the process, unfortunately; though, I know several woodworkers who take as much pleasure in touching-up everything – the sharpening, vacuuming, replacing (everything in its place) – as they do building something. For me, the design time is often equal in duration as the build time; if I through in the tool & shop reset, this pretty much consumes all of my time within the shop.
I’ll add a 4th time consumer – tweeking my shop… moving this piece to that corner, running new electric or new dust collection, finding another place to store something that I bought. With my limited space, every square foot is important.
The best that I can recommend is to learn to enjoy, or tolerate, the process – it’s not going away.