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Question about my antique desk


I have an antique mahogany partner’s desk and it has decorative curved areas on either side where your knees would slide under so you won’t bang your knees on the underside of the desk. (Pictures attached). Does anyone know what this is called or does it even have a name?


I believe that what you are referring, to is called a “vanity skirt”. It was designed so that dirty old men like me, could not look up ladies dress when you sat at the other side of the desk.


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Thank you! I bought this desk from an ex co-worker about 5 years ago. He was only asking $250 for it which I thought was a steal so I couldn’t pass it up. I inherited a desk last September when a family member passed at the age of 86 and not having room for two large desks I decided to sell this one so I started doing research on it to see if I could find out anything on the date, manufacturer, etc.

After a little digging I discovered it was made in the mid 19th century. The cabriole legs, ball & claw feet and gadrooned molding are in the style of Queen Anne or Chippendale and the antique brass drawer pulls are more Victorian.

I contacted Sotheby’s of NY and they have agreed to sell my desk on commission. I’m glad it will go to a good home and maybe I’ll make a little profit on it as well. So happy ending. ?


That’s really a lovely desk! Let us know how you make out with Sotheby’s. It must have been a hard decision to let it go.


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Oh Madts we will have to nominate you to be the site ambassador with a comment like that.
Or maybe the kulth and Kulture rep!

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Beautiful. I believe it’s called a knee hole. 

James McIntyre

Yes I agree what James said.  Knee Hole