I will be moving from a city of 4.000.000 Houston, to a town of 4.000 Smithville in central Texas.
I bought a small house without a shop, so I will have to keep you updated with the progress. In the meanwhile I will be working on small projects in both wood and leather.
I will be living about 30 min. from my kids and grandchildren which will be a treat instead of a 3 hour drive.


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Sounds like the right move. Good luck and don’t break your back with the furniture AND TOOLS!

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Hey Madt:
The move sounds familiar. I am moving my wife and my machine shop, and wood shop, and phot lab, and on and on and on from a place with a population density of more than 4700 people per square mile to a place with a population density of 18 people per square mile. The nearest “town” is 12 miles away and has a population under 300. You did the right thing in my opinion.

That’s a good move . . .provided you learn to leave your “big city” thinking back in the “big city.” We grew up in small-town America and both moved to huge cities and became polluted by their “ideals.” We’ve lived in small-town USA for more than 25 years again and the biggest problem here is those who wish to transplant big-city mentality to the peace of rural living and ruin it for the rest of us.

Best wishes!

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Welcome to Central Texas! I hope your move has been smooth and safe. I don’t think you’ll miss the big city all that much. In addition to proximity to your grandchildren, you are pretty close to Austin, which is one of the greatest small cities in the world of course :). I’m also a transplant from East Texas, and I can tell you I don’t miss the humidity much at all. People here will complain about it being humid, and you can just laugh at them openly (it’s OK).

Also, there is the BBQ! You just moved into the middle BBQ Mecca, which is not a bad place to be.

Anyway, I just joined the site here and noticed your post. I’ve enjoyed looking at your projects, and hope to see some more soon. PM me if you would like any advice on area knowledge.

Madts the Dane!!

Steve Tow


I’ll have a similar consideration within a year or so. I like on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, and the care and feeding of the home is more than I want… true be told, I’m mentally ready to move – now.
With some luck and planning, I’ll find a place with sufficient space to expand my current shop. The good news is that I have a dozen designs in my head, and no one tells me what to build or how to build it.
Stay Engaged!