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Whatcha drinking?

Might as well see if we have enough interest in adult beverages around here!

I’ll kick it off :-)  I’m currently trying out some local breweries’ seasonal releases to go with the butt-numbing weather…

I don’t generally like dark beers but this one’s not half bad.

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interest,you kidding ! well here i am on my shop computer drinking some pinot grigio waiting for swmbo to make me some tacos. the big guns come out on the weekends.or thanksgiving for sure.
Ice water in a thermos handled mug for me...

 Ice water in a thermos handled mug for me... 
kenny so you let anyone post on your threads ? ;-))

Mos’ is too sober to know better Larry. He’s one of those guys who’s gonna live to be 100 and then drop dead one day from a century of boredom and self-discipline ;-)
with the way my heart works (or doesn't) I'd be surprised if I hit 80, sober or not lol

Just razzin you mos ;-)  I spent many tears stone sober after spending many years drinking wayyyy too much way too often.  In my old age I’ve finally learned to moderate.
I seem to back off the beer in The winter and go more for rum  in the cold weather. 
moderate.............hmmm,yeah ive heard thats a good idea ! i doubt ill hit 100 but im damn well gonna have fun till the end !  hey mos. im not knocking ya bud i wish i had never started drinking,damn the money i could have saved. and the worse thing,im a wine drinker.thanks dad !!!!
If you pour a monster drink into a wine glass it looks like wine.
Otherwise it's a bud light or a shot of gold.  I drink maybe a 12 pack a year.
And only shots if I'm meeting up with my buds from grade school. 
Got 3 of us still tight from 3rd grade or so. We try to get together once or twice a year,  it's getting harder since we all live in different states.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

monster ? how old are man ? that crap tastes like i threw up my burrito and re ate it............ my kid got kidney stones from drinkin that swill. bent do we need to do an "intervention" ?