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Stud Finders ?

How many of you use these? 
I use to just knuckle it for years, but found my knocking failing me.

I had an old faithful stud finder that I used quit a bit,  but after doing an install I never found it.
I think I may have buried it on top of an upper wall cabinet that went to the ceiling.

I had to buy a new one and with all the new models it's pretty daunting on the best way to go.
I ended up getting the Zircon A200

I haven't used it yet,  (played a minute at home) seems ok though.

Just wondering what your thoughts are,  if you have one that actually works good.
What kind is it.

I'll give a short review of this after I have used it out on a few jobs.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

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I do. The newer ones are much better than the old ones were.

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I have an older Zircon model that I use a lot. It can get tripped up on various things but I'm aware of the quirks and know what to expect. Would be in a world of hurt without one. May consider a newer one or some x-ray goggles for the ultimate solution.

I'be also purchased a cheap <$30 snake camera which saved my butt many times. 1/4" hole in the drywall and I can probe around to see what's what before I take action. It's nice that it uses a phone or tablet for the display and controls. You can get great HD video/stills, etc. with the processing power and just pay for  the simple camera hardware.  Sane deal with the better automotive code readers, no wasting money on cheap LCD readouts and all the diagnostic info is on the phone/tablet which is easily updated.
ive got one but doesn't work well on plaster walls.i never had one i liked much yet.
That's why it's so hard to buy a new one.  They all advertise as the latest greatest.....

I hate the old drill a hole every inch until you find it.  So rookyish...

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

I'm guessing I've had nearly ten of these critters over the last forty-five years. Just gave two away that were, um, okay (a bit better than the knuckles). My latest is my favorite:

Franklin Sensors FST1302 ProSensor T13

+1 for the Franklin. 

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I pondered buying one a few times but get caught up in the reviews and pros and cons. Haven't pulled the trigger on one. Most of my house is plaster and wood lathe. Don't know how many of them will be that accurate with all of that in the wall. 
Have one, but not very good fall back to the knuckles.

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I have a Zircon's a complete POS...

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I have a Zircon's a complete POS...
I've run mine past a few studs here at home and I can't say it's any better.  
I'll have to see when I'm on the job, and actually mark a spot and drive a screw or two.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.