Monthly Book Giveaway - December 2022
Building some small upper cabinets that will go above a couple of undercounter wine refers. The cabinets will have LED lights on the bottom and inside at the top. Here is the SU concept. [Niche Uppers.jpg] The pictures will show how I am going to ro
Building the Columns for the ends. Another Slideshow [4 Belly Columns.jpg]
Trying a slideshow.  Practice run..... This is a wall unit I made a few years back.  [DSC01627.JPG]
Building a Cherry executive desk. Pretty Long Winded,  (More Picture Heavy) Thanks In Advance if you make it all the way through.   Started with a SketchUp drawing for approval,   [Brad's Desk 1.jpg] Then by exploding it I can pan around all the piec
This is no original design by any means, but it is done with all my own measurements. The designer gave me a rough drawing and I redrew it in SU to scale.(The designer did give me the Length and Height, I laid out the key) Sketchup Pic: I figured the
Just an update on my side job! My partner and I finally got the job rolling on Sat. the 19th after narrowing down the details with the designers from NY. We split the wall units into 2 halves for easier delivery and set up. I’m just going to show some
Got a rush job to build Approx. 45’ of painted display cases for a convention in New York. I only have 2 weeks to get it done. The units will all be painted white. The color is just to show the sections. (Drawing is from the designer.) Will get back o
Surprised at the interest, now the pressure is really on (especially with Huff watching) ;) For me the first order of business is to get the bed hardware ordered so that I will have it in time, and start reading instructions for the dimensions so that
I got a commission to build a desk/closet/Murphy bed. Here is the SK drawing of the build. The right hand side will house the Murphy Bed. The unit will be Walnut with Black accents being the CounterTop and Base at the bottom along with the small scrib