Problem with pictures

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1- I could not select several picture to upload simultaneously for the creation main pictures.

2- I uploaded, 1 at the time 6 pics for the main creation. One of them twice. I delete the duplicate and try to add one more. Th “add picture” button was no longer visible.

3- in the main body I inserted several pictures fine. Towards the end, I t would load the picture but does not insert a link. I waited about 5 minutes but still no link.
I inserted the same pictures in a comment fine.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I forgot to mentioned number 3 did not happen before when I posted earlier creation.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I’ll have to try this. I’ve only uploaded a few pictures, so far; but do hope to post progress photos of the rocker build…

Hey Ian.

1. Yes, it’s not possible to upload multiple files for the main pictures. The main reason is that it’s not possible to reorder these pictures. Both features could be a good addition.
2. It’s weird for 2 reasons. First – it should be possible to upload just 5 pictures, second – I tried it several times and worked well. It was probably just some kind of Javascript fail.
3. I think that it was the same reason as in the #2.

Did #2 or #3 happen to you more than once?

-- Michal,

No only this time.

I think maybe because one picture was uploaded twice it let me pass 5?

Anyway I let you know if it happens again.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I don’t think so. I tried to upload the same picture twice and worked well. Yes, please let me know if it happens again.

-- Michal,

Multiple pics still not working for me.
But I am a cyber dummy.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

It happened again Michal.

1- add main picture.
I get the window “loading your picture” with the progress bar
once the window closed I was waiting for the picture icon to appear, I decided to add the second picture.
I chose the second picture. this time the “loading your picture” did not show up.
so I think something is wrong and try to add again but nothing happens after choosing the picture.

I refresh the browser. I loose all my work but I can add again.

I did the same thing again. but this time I waited for few minutes, both pictures appear.
So it seems like if you try to add another picture back to back without waiting you loose the “loading your picture box”

2- again toward the end of my project as I added the last 3 pictures, no link appear.
so I choose 3 pictures and click on open. the “loading…” box appear.
I open a new browser to read some news. I come back to it almost at the end. I waited there, The "loading…’ box closes but no link even after 5 minutes.

the pictures are about 5MB each
windows 8.1
IE 11
intel I7 processor

Chose 3 to 5 pictures about 5MB-6MB when trying to reproduce.

Next time I will record screens

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks for the feedback, Ian.

“I refresh the browser. I loose all my work but I can add again.” – I fixed this yesterday. Drafts should be auto-saving in 10 second intervals.

Re. all other issues.. I was not able to replicate them. They sound like internet connection or IE related issues to me.

Sometimes, I wish there was a one-browser monopoly even though I’m all for free market :) Inconsistency in HTML and Javascript handling in all the major browsers still exists and is just weird.

Martin Sojka,

Thanks Martin!

I know what you mean.
I will do the next post from one of linux boxes at work. I will let you know.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA