Update - 2

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Hi all, I hopened everyone is well and enjoying the festivities! ? I realise that I haven’t posted anything in quite some time so I thought I had better give a bit of an update.

Things have been rather hectic for me over the last few months I finally have my new hens (who keep escaping!) and my business haschool officI ally launched!!!! ? This has left me with very little time to spare but I have managed to integrate the woodworking side of my life into my business so that I am doing something I love.

I have a few new creations and a few new bits of kit including a scroll saw and a pyrography pen. I’ve been working with natural materials to create hanging plaques and ornaments for Christmas and I have a few ideas for the new year.

Lots of exciting things happening and I’ll get some pictures to follow, I hope everyone has a fantastic new year if I don’t get chance to say so sooner. It feels great to be able to sit down for two minutes to catch up but I fear things are just going to keep on getting busier especially with spring on the horizon!

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Thank you. It’s been stressful but it’s been good too andifficult I want a life where I’m living off and working with the land. Most of my projects use various natural materials now and I try to recycle where I can

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