Storage, Tools And More Tools!

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Today I finally managed to restore some order to the chaos that had ensure my absence from the shed. With the addition of the new tools for the business and the lack of storage space everything got into a massive mess.

Now I know there’s a lot of folk who say intelligent people tend to be messy but I at least need to have organised mess in order to stay sane! Thankfully I managed to get a bargain on some storage bones and drawers so peace has once more (or at least thereabouts) restored ☺

As promised I also have a picture of my brand new scroll saw. I think it’s one of the few tools I have that isn’t second hand or rescued/rehomed.

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I’ve been practicing with it, decided the best way for me to get to grips with is just to take my time. I’ve got a bunch of things marked out ready for tomorrow so I will post an update with my progress. I’ve got to grips with cutting nice straight lines with a hand saw now as well

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Hey yes I’m thrilled with it! ? something I can actually use without having to restoreceive it first. I love them process of cleaning stuff up but sometimes it’s nice just to crack on with work

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