WoodworkingWeb Awards - Glorious Grain #2: Cast Your Votes and Win a T-shirt!

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Our Glorious Grain Awards entry period is over and we ended up with 12 amazing entries. Now it’s time to pick your top 5 list and cast your votes. Voting deadline is on Apr 30, 2014 at 6 PM GMT.

Please note that if you submitted an Awards entry, you will not see your creation listed on the voting page. (You are not allowed to vote for yourself.) So don’t panic – others can pick your entry without any problems.

The results will be announced on May 1, 2014 at 6 PM GMT.

Click on the VOTE button on the Awards pages to cast your votes and three lucky random voters will win the WoodworkingWeb T-shirt.


-- -- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com

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The first time I clicked on Martin’s link I saw the vote button, but it hasn’t been there when I clicked on the link subsequently. None of the buttons were visible when I clicked on the “Glorious Grain Awards” button at the top of this screen. I suspect that L/W is correct that I am not seeing the vote options because I haven’t posted a project. Nice to know.

-- -- Art

Art, I think I figured it out. In the rules, it states: 6. You are allowed to vote only if you have at least one creation listed on the WoodworkingWeb.com.

I believe that’s why I’m not seeing a “vote” button.


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Art, the VOTE button is the last one in the navigation together with the Prizes, Rules and Entries buttons. Right below the Awards description on this page: http://woodworkingweb.com/awards/spring_2014

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

I realize that I am dumber than a box of hammers so it would help me immensely if there were a link to the alleged Awards pages (“Click on the VOTE button on the Awards pages to cast your votes…”) so I could vote. I did click on both the “glorious grain awards” and the “awards” buttons and didn’t see a “vote” button on either. Maybe it is a secret ballot…….. :(

-- -- Art

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