hello everyone

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Hello everyone I just became a member and love the site content as opposed to others,
Woodwork is a hobby for me , I’ve been a full time machinist for about the past 25 years so if anybody has questions about pretty much anything to do with metal just ask.
My woodworking is limited to small projects
And work around the house I have a good size garage /shop but unfortunately no heat so a better part of winter I use the it out of need than want my little propane heater keeps things warm enough my fingers don’t go numb given the Arctic Connecticut winters we have . Maybe one day I’ll have a bumper crop on the money tree my wife and kids think we have and I’ll put a wood stove in.

-- Mark DellaCamera

Welcome Mark!

My first woodworking teacher was a machinist for 30 years and he taught me woodworking well.
My new teachers are all right here and they are doing a great job.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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