My shop #2: Overvieuw

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Below, counter clockwise, an overvieuw of my small garage shop.

This is my 5 in 1 (saw machine, moulder, mortiser, planer and jointer) combination. You also can see my own build bandsaw and closet with dustcollector.

My lathe which I bought used from an old metal worker was heavy but with a bad old washing machine motor. The big advantage was that the first owner had made a cross table on it. I bought also a used motor (380 Volt) and build an inverter on it. You als see a drumsander. The motor of this sander is above the lathe workbench so the space get used is small as possible

My clamps:

Small folding workbench with tool cabinet. above this bench a lamp made by myself with LED strips:

Shelves with all hardware stuff, painting supplies and so on. You also can see my folding workbench

Below I call it my small 5 in 1:

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