Serving Bowls #2: Routing Out the dish

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Well the time has come to route out the big white oak glue up. Well after drilling out most of the waste it was time to use my new bowl router bits from the wood show. I got started on my third pass around andctaking small bites, the carbides on the bit exploded. Now what? Well I took that smaller bit out and put the bigger bit in. Thank goodness for purchase receipt. I’ll be calling them Wednesday morning. So, on one of the bowls dish areas, where i had to switch bits i have some serious sanding because of the different sizes of bits. Does anyone like sanding and want to help out? Humm anyone?

Well I ended up making two bowls from the one glue up. But I still need to bandsaw them out sand them and round over the edges

Next update showing steps to the finish product

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

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You know I never thought of that. Thats a great idea. I think ill make two with the lazy Susan and two without. I just ordered a 80 and 120 grit mop cup sanding wheels to sand the insides of theses dishes/ bowls. I have six more ready to go but im waiting for the bit that blew up from CMT. I called and bam new one on the way. Funny they didn’t want the old bit.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

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