Woodworking Shop 2015 #1: I've got to have more room for Woodworking!

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Hi WWWeb People!
Well, I have totally run out of room with my little 12’ X 8’ woodworking shed, and decided earlier this year, if I’m to be in the shop during the Minnesota winter, I’m going to be very unproductive if I have
to shuffle everything around in the small shop I have.
I’m just adding on a 12’ X 12’ addition to the repurposed lumber shed I built last year, but it’s going to be nearly 8’ tall, so
With all the additional woodworking tools
I have bought this year, I think the 12×20′
Overall shed I will end up with, will be functional as well as easy to heat this winter!
The main reason I wanted to blog this
Build, my first ever blog by the way, is if any of you have any ideas along the way, I
Am totally open to them!
Thanks everyone!

-- Steve Tow

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Glad you used PT material and that it’s 2×6, the extra pads should make you spans a lot shorter maybe 4’ getting rid of some bounce in your floor. Glad to help.
PM me if I can help with anything.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

My shop is 9x 14…so pretty much the same. It’s limiting. Build cabinets that are thin and can be used to hold items in both the doors and the cabinets….use every inch.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Thanks jim, yes , all the bottom 2×6, are new pressure treated, as is the ply panels,
None of them look real green, as they were in the sun since this spring.
I did put an extra pair of bricks down the middle, but, thanks I’ll get a few extra and throw them in around the perimeter #
Thanks again Jim!!!!

-- Steve Tow

Hi Steve. “if any of you have any ideas along the way, I Am totally open to them!”

A couple suggestions from you local or not so local contractor :)) Not sure if you’re using pressure treating 2×4s under your floor or not(I stronngly recomend PT wood),but even if they are pressure treated having some 6 mil vapor barrier under your floor will help prevent your 2×4s and ply from rotting from moisture from the ground. Another couple items that I think might help is to have your flat concrete pads every 4’ foot instead of every 6’ given that you’re possibly going to have some heavy tools in there. It might be too late but normally you remove all of the plant life before you build. This is meant to be helpful not critical

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

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