logging trailer #3: tear down progress

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Got a chance to rip into today. Got metal floor off and keeping it off. Could only register this trailer for 9,999 lbs. The metal floor and the tongue and grove wood floor underneath promoted rot big time. I could space boards underneath but im going to add a lot of weight in modifications so im going to cut weight where i can. The other pic is a big heavy hydraulic ram. I will be removing that to save weight and that is where my crane will be going anyway. It is a tilt bed which would work good to winch a single log onto but im going for multi purpose therefore i will be welding the bed down. Next step in this process is an overall clean up of grinding old screws and unwanted metal off. Then i will remove ram and weld floor solid. Then im thinking it will be time to build crane, a frame and rails along with all the other mods i will be doing. Run new wiring, paint and new treated lumber flooring will be the finishing touch. Next update will come when i do the crane. I will be using a snatch block on crane and a frame. Ive got a collection of parts waiting but still on the hunt for other essentials. Especially 4 square jacks and two winches. Donations welcome. Lol. Thanks for following me through this process. Hopefully we will all learn a little something along the way with out turning this into a “dont try this at home” kind of thing….

-- Carvings by Levi

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