The Shop, saw stations #2: Old radial saw

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I bought this Black & Decker (made in Towson, Maryland USA) radial saw in 1966 when I was 16.
The first large tool that I had bought. I used it for cross cutting, ripping & dado .
If it dies before I do, I will replace with a sliding miter saw & put the DeWalt miter saw back on the portable stand.
By the way, DeWalt is Black & Decker .

I actually started the radial station first. I used 9" casters on it because I had them on hand.
I removed them, added 5 1/2" drawers & installed 3 1/2 casters.

The next step will be to build drawers & shelves.
Thanks for checking on my progress !!!

-- Jaybird

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Thanks Brian.
I thought it was out of square, but after I removed the lid from the arm I found sawdust caked in the locking pins. I haven’t had to do any repairs in 50 years.
The blade takes a long time to stop. There is a brake, but it takes a good hand grip LOL
It has been a good saw & I have used it a lot.
I wish it was larger, I can cross cut 16" for material less than 3/4"
Most of the slider miter saws will cut about 14 1/2.
With the radial you can raise the blade for dado, slots & rabbits.

-- Jaybird

Nice work on the cabinets. I never used a ras but they look like they’re far more useful than your standard mitre saw. If I had room in my tiny shop, I would love to set one up. Is it a lot of work to maintain?

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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