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Things have been very hectic lately and along with that lots of paperwork needed to be done. I hate paperwork with a passion and still have a fair bit to do. Besides all of that the shed has had a complete change around allowing for more storage space, better access and my workbench is now facing the window. We’ve had the unexpected arrival of two hens that needed rehoming which led to a box being chucked together until the new coop arrives and it’s my mum’s birthday so I’m in the process of creating either a carving or trinket box for her.

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Thanks guys. The hens make a racket when they want something or they’ve been let out a bit late. Their new coop is due to arrive Saturday so hopefully they will be all settled by Monday. I plan to have a crack at building my own in the future

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I read somewhere (probably on the internet so it must be true) that young hens often produce double yolk eggs. Best of luck with the shop, I’d drop by if I was near you, fresh eggs from happy hens, yummy.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Thanks guys ? We’ve hatched them out in the backyard before and we still have three of the older ones left but I’m trying to set up my own farm shop selling eggs and homemade preserves/pickles so there will be a few more hens to come. The new hens have provided lots of eggs already and one lays a double yoker every so often

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