My first hand plane restoral #2: Cleaning

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I’m using the electrolysis process for most of the cleaning. I chose this method because I already had everything I needed from other non-woodworking projects.

Everything is coming out pretty well. I used Brasso on the brass (of course). There were two very small nicks in the blade, but they came out pretty quickly. I have the blade sharpened to 220 grit right now. I am out of everything between 220 and 2000 (which is as far as I am going to go).

While the metal parts were in the vat, I spent several hours hand sanding the tote and knob. I’m thinking of using BLO when they are ready.

The bed still had a few rust spots on it in some hard to reach areas so I put it back in the vat. I plan on getting some evaporust for the screws. If the bed doesn’t come clean, I’ll dunk it too.

-- Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

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Thanks guys. I’m liking it so far. Mike, the japanning is relatively un-marred. The electrolysis didn’t affect it at all so I’m leaving it as is. I have a TSC right down the hill though. Thanks for the tip. I have a feeling this won’t be my last restoral. I did get the screw out Bill. It was stuck in the bed. I figured out it is an adjustment screw that moves the frog back and forth. After a couple of hours in the tank, it came right out. Workload permitting, I may finish it up tomorrow.

-- Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

Looks great! I just love how electrolysis works on rust. Kind of like magic IMO.

I have found that Painters Touch “2X Ultra Cover” works the best for Japanning. I have used other products, including other Rustoleum paints, but this seems to cover the best, and it does not seems to chip as readily as others. Picked it up at the local HD Tractor Supply, but I am sure you will find it where ever Rustoleum products are sold.

-- HorizontalMike

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