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Here's the other most popular post from over there.  Tucson Woodcraft even includes a print out of it with the Incra IBOX units they sell.  Originally posted in January of 2019. --------------------- When I first got the IBOX a couple of years ago, I
Welcome to the latest news from the Craftisian Labs. Blog Series Are Back! Craftisian Blog Series are back in the spotlight with the awesome new selector interface and beautiful views. Blog series are great for grouping related entries together. Yo
Each upright has four slats, with each having a set of evenly-spaced holes along their entire length.  Each hole has a counterbore, some on outer facing side the slat, and some on the inner facing side: [MODLIB0000197_8.JPG] It took me a bit of head
Originally posted elsewhere Aug 9, 2017 ------------- This is one of my more popular—and controversial—blog posts.  I still say I can get any joint set up perfectly in a matter of minutes with no test cuts. First, a diagram (the numbers shown are fo
With all the buzz going on in the past days, our current Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 Edition didn't get as much attention as deserved. I decided to extend the entry period by one day. You have until tomorrow to submit your project related to th
I think one of the most eye-catching details of the Albini bookcase are the tapered blocks that form the feet and mounting points for the 4 vertical slats per upright (I'm going to call the top ones feet, too.) and their wide round pressure pads. Fro
My last big project introduced me to 18th century European joinery and really got me hooked on the idea of more complex assemblies that are locked solidly together before any fastenings or glue arrive on the scene. This winter I’m planning to build a
I managed to get all the plugs cut for the top side of the Table Top. Plug cutting:- By way of an explanation and to provide how this was done without drilling waste holes see the next image. [IMG_9979.JPG] the material is lined up on the drill press
Here is the progress so far:- 1. Routed the edge and rounded it over. I used a straight bit with a top bearing deep enough to do the job. The round over was a 5/8 round over bit 2. Cut  plugs for  the1 x 38 mm and 4 x 32 mm holes with respective siz
Our family includes a couple house cats.  We also foster kittens for a local shelter to get them socialized prior to adoption.   So it's not uncommon for there to be 4 cats in the house at any given time.  While the kittens are getting acclimated to t
Fibonacci gauges finally the screws arrived. Hi again again Craftisan’s. Now we can call it done, the screws took some time time to arrive and I helped my brother build an IKEA kitchen in the weekend, don’t worry, I’ll not share that as a project, eve
Building the Columns for the ends. Another Slideshow [4 Belly Columns.jpg]