Woodworking is magical. To start with a rough, dull, weathered board and transform it into a beautiful, useful, shining box is miraculous. I am so lucky to have the tools to make such transformations happen.

There is a real joy in peering into the souls of ancient trees. There is so much beauty to be uncovered. Sometimes I tell the wood what I want it to be, and sometimes the wood tells me what it wants to be. My best work is usually when the wood and I are cooperating on the project.

In the last six years I have made and sold hundreds of boxes. I have found it is a great way to support my tool habit. It is fun. I try to see that every box is different. I am not interested in making the same box over and over.

Almost all my materials are recycled. I aspire to craft useful articles that are a pleasure to see and a joy to touch. I hope those who support my work enjoy using my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

Big Al in IN

Boxguy, you know me as bosum3919 from LJ. I am glad to see you posting here. I have missed your work and am happy to see it again. I have the same fustration that I think you have. I think I might put the effort into making this my new site. Hopefully you will as well.


Bob - Woodville, Tx

Glad to see you here Alan, I left you a Private Message with contact info.

Randy - If I'm not on the computer than I'm out making sawdust.

Alan, to you frequent facebook by chance?

Randy - If I'm not on the computer than I'm out making sawdust.