Boxguy's Splines


Pictured is a Etimoe (top) and Black Limba (sides) teabox (6×6×12) meant to hold about 50 standard teabags. The tightly fitted corner splines are made of Sucupira.

If you cut the sides to length and then cut the 45s you can perfectly match the grain in the wood on three sides and the grain will flow around the corners, especially if you round the corners with a 3/4 roundover bit.

Big Al in IN

Very beautiful.

Losing fingers since 1969

Nice to see you over here Alan, first glance at that box told me who it belonged too. :)

I really like the wood used in this one.

Randy - If I'm not on the computer than I'm out making sawdust.

Brian, thanks.

Blackie, I sent you an email. Nice to see a familiar face again.

Big Al in IN

A beautiful detail. I’ve not seen that particular wood before- love it!

Amor Vincit Omnia

*Cindy, *Sucupira grows in Brazil. This particular scrap came from a local veneer mill. It was an old Brazilian tree with extremely dense, tough wood. and close growth rings. Sucupira is difficult to mill, but is beautiful when finished.

Big Al in IN


Your keeping busy! Nicely done, as per your usual! LOL! Merry Christmas

Thomas J. Tieffenbacher/aka docSavage45

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