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In need of knowledge

Would any of you kind people have a link or website of a tutorial for cantilevers. I have a request for a sewing box with cantilevers and I don’t want to waste anymore wood. :-). Thank you in advance.

Wish for all

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Seasons greetings, Happy Kawanzaa or your preferred greeting to all the great folks who make up our group. I wish you good health, happiness and peace.

Work bench

My work bench is a work in progress. Making it from two 5 foot pieces of laminated tops. One section is on wheels so I can use it as an L shaped or one 10 foot straight away. In the process of putting shelves underneath. Also photo of tool...

Happy Canada day!

Just like to say Happy Canada Day to all my dear Canadian friends. You guys are all great!

It's time for a selfie

I was on Facebook this evening and several people had taken a “selfie” and posted it. I didn’t know what a selfie was until a couple of weeks ago when my son told me. Since we would not know each other if we passed on the street, I propose...

Tour of jack's shop/man cave/hideout/doghouse

OK, I hope when you read the title you will do so with low expectations of what is to follow. Anything appearing to be strange, chalk it up to a rookie finding his way. The shop is 34 by 54. Work bench with a mixture of some quality and lesser...

Portable dust catcher

I’m am sure some of you have built one of these and I am for CERTAIN everyone’s looks better than mine but it does a really good job catching floating dust that my Ricon dust system misses. Also this white elephant is on wheels...