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Nov 2014

Jack King

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Roanoke, Va

Can’t post any pictures

I have been unable to post any pictures for projects. I’m old and sometimes electronically challenged but just can’t get it to work.

I think we have been comprised

I received a private message from a Florence Laurent through Woodworkers Web this evening who says she is the widow of an industrialist. She is dying and wants me to contact her so she can give me 6 million dollars. Oh boy! She has a profile on Woodworking Web. Just wanted to alert you, don’t know what her game is.

Ted McGrath woodworking plans

I would assume that everyone got the WoodworkingWeb notifier regarding ordering thousands of woodworking plans from Ted for only $67.00 if you order immediately. The BBB has an alert on Ted that says he Is not on the up and up, and if you have any unresolved dispute with this company you may wish to seek legal advice. His address, phone and email is bogus. All his info is already on the internet for free. What I don’t understand is how and why are we getting this in WoodworkingWeb...

Woodworking web notifiers

I just realized that I am not getting any Woodworking Web Notifiers emails any more. Anyone else having this problem?

Dining table top grain question

I am building a dining room table with a top of approximately 44” by 65”. The bottom will be painted with lamp black milk paint and the top will be oak with only clear topcoat. I have a supply of beautiful oak just the right length to make the top cross grain rather than running the 65 “ length of the table. My question is have you seen a table with cross grain and did it just look weird? Advantages would be getting to use a supply of great looking oak versus having to do lots of glue...

A good week at the fair

I have made a total of three of these Jeffersonian bookstands. Donated the first two and I entered the third one in the blue ribbon competition at the Salem Fair, which is the largest fair in the state of Virginia. It won blue ribbon 1st place in woodworking, it won blue ribbon for Best in Show, and it won the ribbon for Grand Champion. I apologize for tooting my on horn but I am simply shocked and amazed and wanted to share with all of you.

This what dreams are made of!!

I have a woodworking and golf friend who just bought an old 4 story apartment building in the city as an investment. He called me and said to come running, he had something to show me. In the dry dusty basement, we found a room full of very neatly stacked boards, approximately 4 to 5 HUNDRED in count. The were dusty and dirty so I brought one home and took a 16th of an inch off of both sides with the planer. They are 3/4" X 6" X 7’. We have had 3 people of knowledge confirm that it is...

Master Woodworker?

Being a relatively new woodworker, I watch a lot of YouTube for techniques, safe ways to work, and a wealth of other information. Many of these guys are said to be master woodworkers, either self proclaimed or otherwise. I know we have many masters in our group by just looking some of the amazing things you produce. That is an unachievable goal in my case but I am courious as what your definition of a master woodworker might be?

Thank you.

Wanted to say thank you to Martin and MsDebbieP for being chosen as the member of the week. Thank you both for all that you do for us. We have such a great bunch of folks here.

What the heck happened?

About a week ago I was working on another music stand. I already had one pour of System Three Mirror Coat on it and waited the recommended time to do the flood coat. It went on fine and I covered it to dry. It was beautifully smooth and a perfect finish. After the drying time had passed I turned the easel over and with a random orbital sander I removed some of the dried dripping from underneath the edges. When I turned it back over the the perfect surface I had, now had 400 or 500 air...

Bandsaw question

I had a first today while using the bandsaw. Working on a very small piece of wood and the blade broke. The break appears not to be a defective blade because it appears to be all new where it broke. Can anyone recommend a cleaner for the tires as they have some build up? Nothing in the manual about what to use but I don’t want to degrade the tires with some chemical. The saw is a Laguna 14/12. Many thanks in advance for any advise you might offer.

Dewalt 735 knives

Just wondering if any of you have bought any 735 knives from a different source other than Dewalt and have any recommendations. It seems like I change the knives more often than I do my socks because of the poor quality. A couple of suppliers, Infinity being one, claim their blades last 5 time longer. They also have a single edged knife they claim has a 10 times longer life. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Big commission piece coming my way

I do not do my woodworking to make money because as we all know 99% of the general public will not pay for quality handmade pieces. That being said, I have a few pieces in an art gallery here and a few in a gift shop. So I get a call from a lady who has seen some of my things and want me to make her a gift for her husband for his birthday to display some of his rock collection. It is a display case with framed glass panes on three sides, with each corner anchored by a fluted column, full...

Wonderful surprise

I just got home from a 10 day golfing trip with 20 guys I went to school with and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. Brian made and sent me a beautiful mallet that you must see. One of the special things about it is the wood came from a NYC pier. I love it! Thank you Brian.

Resaw bandsaw blades

I don’t know if anyone has had the opportunity to use one but I recently ordered a Highland Woodworking Wood Slicer Resaw bandsaw blade on the recommendation of a friend. This thing is like a knife through butter compared to what I have been using. I haven’t had my bandsaw for very long so my experience is limited. Has anyone else tried this blade or do you know of a better one? Thanks in advance for any advise.

Received my tee shirt

I received my new WoodworkingWeb tee shirt in the mail that I was fortunate to win in the toy competition drawing. Just thought I would show you all how nice it looks. I wore it when I went to Woodcrafters for a few things and got a couple of comments about it from the guys, so I told them to spread the word. If I can find a beautiful young lady to model it I will, as I know it would look a lot better on her than an old broken down 71 year old relic. Thank you Martin.

Went from a 5 micron bag to a 1 micron cannister.

I have a 2 hp Ricon dust collector that came with a 5 micron bag. The bags are impossible to clean and a lot of dust came right through it. I got a 1 micron cannister today, ran a few pieces through the planer with the collector sitting in the sun coming through a window. There was zero dust that could be seen that got through the cannister. If you have been thinking about a cannister, I think you would love the difference if you don’t have one. Not doing a commercial for...

Admitting our dangerous (and dumb) mistakes might help others.

When I decided to start this wonderful hobby, I bought on my first trip shopping the following: a table saw, planer, a scroll saw and a drill press. Having no idea how they worked, I unpacked, set them up and plugged them in. I was of course depending on my superior intelligence, so there was really no need to read very much from the instruction manuals. (Yeah right). I yelled for the wife to come down to the basement and see all this wonderful stuff. With her standing beside me, I...

Danger of sawdust combustion?

While running the planer today the machine was loaded with static electricity because of the dry air. My dust collector has bag capacity of 5.4 cubic feet and of course it was on and swirling. I normally don’t empty the bag until it is about 3/4 of the way full. With that small amount of sawdust has anyone ever heard of any kind of combustion? I have always thought it would have to be a huge amount of dust for this to happen. Maybe grounding the machines would prevent even a chance of...

Need some advice please

I was lucky enough to come upon a benefactor from whom I received a good amount of some type of cedar, the lengths indicated by the yard sticks. Does any one know what type of cedar it is and what it would be good for? This is the first cedar I have had. Appears to be free of cracks and very few knots. Any help, guesses or other wise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.