King Size Bed


This is solid oak construction. All edges are rounded including the joints. I used glue & screws for the joints , counter sunk all screws & filled with oak plugs & sanded smooth.
There are 3 drawers on each side in the bed frame & 2 in each side unit.

I installed a slide out top over the drawers to make the night stand easier to use. There are lights above the glass shelves , above the night stand & in the canopy above the mirror. The underside of the canopy is painted flat black & the mirror sits in a slot on top of the head board.
The head board is bolted to the side units through the area in the drawer cavity.
It is designed to break down & move easily , but each piece is still heavy.
The original was a fiber filled water mattress, but it started leaking I a seam & couldn’t be repaired.
I sure miss that warm body hugging bed, nothing better after a long hard day.


That is beautiful work Jay, makes me want to take a nap.


Thanks Bruce !!
I think I’m doing ok until I look at some of the great creations from this group.
There are many skilled and talented men and women in this membership .
The main reason I joined the group is to learn and become better .


That’s a big one ,lots of work on the headboard /headboard combo too. .great job.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks Jim !!
My wife & I had just finished building a house together.
She found this bed & after looking at the price , I said " I can build that".
I built it inside the attached garage of the house because I didn’t have a shop at this point .
I had made a lot of points with her until she had to clean the whole house again, that fine sanding dust was everywhere. LOL


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