Indoor work shop.


Here in Houston Texas it got hot in a hurry. With the temp hovering around 95 deg. F. I am just too old to want to work out side in the garage.
I made a small work station that holds a bench hook and a small vise. I also use my granite kitchen table as a glue up station. Very easy to clean up. I moved my Festool vacuum and Dust Deputy in side also.
On my other counter I have the lumber yard and tool setup.
It has it’s privileges being single.


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Great setup to beat the heat Madts. You are right, a married man could never get by with that. (-:)


It looks
like a good set up to stay out of the heat.

Jack is right. ?

Nice setup. Just watch the tools on the granite. Hard + hard contact is not healthy for it.

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It’s amazing what a man can accomplish without a woman!


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My eyes went wide at the glue up station … and then you mentioned the perks of being single and I smiled :)

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