Japanese style toolbox


I receive 4 pallets from the street and decided to get some lumber for my new indoor work shop.
My soninlaw plays in a band and carries a bunch of small stuff. So a Japanese tool box it ended up being.
Very simple construction. Butt joints reinforced with bamboo skewers as dowels since the wood is only 9 mm. thick, and glue. The leather straps are bolted in place. I also molded the leather straps somewhat to make for a better handfit.
The box lid slides in from either side and is held in place by friction.

Box size is 20.5 " long 6.5" wide and 5" tall.


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Cool box. I could see showing up on stage with that. Everyone wondering what kind of magic emanates from it.

There’s nothing like a homemade toolbox. I ran into a contractor working for a unit owner in a condo I worked at. He had a homemade tool box. Really nice. He showed it to me and I immediately turned to tell the owner, “This guy is serious about attention to detail. You picked a great contractor.” Both of them were very happy about that, but it’s totally true so why not spell it out for the owner?

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Great use of pallets and no doubt, a happy son-in-law!


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Bamboo skewers?!

What a wonderful storage space. Nicely done

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