Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes
This is my project write up for the 2022 Screwdriver/Marking Tool Swap originally submitted over on another site. The project is basically in three parts: the screwdrivers, the marking tools, and the storage box. All Claro Walnut with brass details.
This is a review I posted a while back on the other site, I thought it might be of interest for some folks here…. ________________________ I've newly installed this system and haven't been using it long, but I wanted to put out some information about
I have just finished up and shipped my project for the LJs 2022 knife swap. This was a first for me, as I’ve never made a knife before…well, I still haven’t, but I did make and assemble scales onto finished knife blanks. Maybe next year I’ll do my owm