Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes
Today, I did good. I found a Millers-Falls Brace almost brand-new and a little hand-crank drill. I also found three tiny carving tools from E.C. Muller in Nevada. My final treasure finds were a 9" Starrett machinist’s scale and a Goodell Pratt 6" scal
I needed something that would hold the saws in place in the flip-top and be easy to remove. I also am doing everything I can not to use screws or nails. I will use screws for the side handles and hinges but that’s it. The hangers are basically a pin o
I made my drawers for my toolbox this weekend. I was going to use half-blind dovetails on the fronts but I decided more for practicality and strength. I made my drawers with finger joints all around just like my trays. I did use cherry for the fronts.
I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I learned how to quickly make a sliding tray with finger joints and a floating poplar bottom to the wrong dimensions. (LOL). It was 14" long instead of 14-3/4" long. Anyhow, I hand-cut a 5/4 board long enough for s
Last night, I made great progress with the toolbox. I installed two cherry vertical members with a mortise/tenon in the bottom and dadoes on the sides for sliding trays. When I installed two vertical pieces to hold the drawer assemblies, any weight wo
I forgot to put my cuts in the drawer foundation assemblies for vertical strength and drawer division. I’ll do that with a Zonas saw and a chisel. I need to strengthen all that up. A friend told me to leave the tenons in these assemblies unglued. I di
Back in the winter of 2013, my dad told me to come get his shop tools. He’s retired once and then started back, and now he’s fully retired. Anyhow, I went to Virginia and brought home a table saw, a radial-arm, a band saw, a drill-press, and a contrac