Gate assembled


I finally got the upper panel pieces made and the gate assembled. My m&t fitting is a little sloppy. I haven’t picked the door up yet to see how stiff it is. I was thinking about adding some steel strapping for looks and a touch more support.

There are no metal fasteners or glue. The only glue is on the pins. There are 8 drawbore pins and 4 straight pins.

One thing I messed up is aligning the panel boards. I didn’t have enough material to do it right and I didn’t feel like going back to the store. Hopefully it doesn’t detract much. One thing I did do right was make the panel tongue and groove tenons a little long do that a gap is perceived between each board. I think it looks nice anyway. Small details…

Next task is to trim the bottom and cut the curve on the top, then I’ll start building the arch that goes over the top.

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It turned Brian out great well done.

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I noticed a little splitting at the drawbores. Looks like I’m definitely going to need the strapping. But it’s decorative too, so no biggie except an extra $20 in materials.

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