Introducing Craftisian Guilds

Craftisian Guilds are an exciting new way to share your projects, ideas and knowledge with the like-minded craftsmen. Guilds can be focused on specific topics, techniques or even brands.

When you join the existing guild, you become a guild member. This allows you to post projects into guild projects pool and participate in guild discussions. You will also get notified about new guild posts by email.

When you create a new guild, you become a guild master. Each guild master is responsible for managing the post categories and interacting with guild members. Guild masters will soon be able to create private post categories, create guild courses and schedule live guild events – all with integrated payments.

Big shout-out to our first two guilds:

How to join existing guilds

1. Click Join this guild on the guild page

How to create a new guild

1. Click on NEW button

2. Click on Guild

3. Enter guild name and overview. Hit Submit.

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Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian