Hints and tips that some may not have heard of. #7: Cleaning a Cleaner.

Boys and Girls,
Here I go again, echoing another one of my tips migrated from my Lumberjocks publication on 28th. Jan 2020.
Pick your 🏴‍☠️(poison):
  • If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner with a perspex dust holder, say goodbye.
  • If you are unhappily married and wish to stay that way, also say goodbye.
  • If you don’t own a mortar drill bit or never intend to use it, say goodbye.
  •  If you’re too lazy to read, also exit as though it may not be long (for my posts), it’s just as boring.

It all started with SWMBO complaining about the mess I left behind after drilling my brick wall… on her request mind you. 
I shall refer to our house vac as Dyson… he is not the man servant… I am!
Studying the manual on how one of those things work, I diligently tackled the mess. Later on I heard complaints about how someone… who???... managed to bugger up the Dyson as it wouldn’t suck too well… unfortunately the sucker was me.  With the brick dust abrading the clear Dyson bowl (DOH! didn't anyone notice), normal vacuuming got it so full of stuff that SWMBO couldn’t see that the collector was chock-a-block full and somehow managed to inhibit satisfactory uptake.
OK, the above may not be an accurate word for word transcript, but you get the message of an opaque holder.
So this is for all you henpecked HWMO (He Who Must Obey), to keep you out of the dog house.
Sorry, but no video made this time as the Dyson got jammed inside the dog house and not enough room inside it for a film crew.
 Boys and Girls,

You may be wondering what this is all about, however, if you weren't following the bouncing ball you may have arrived here before the drinks refreshment cart.
For those that are now perplexed, may I suggest you peruse my blog about Stupid Ideas/Buys on Bricking up a house-vac.

However, with this offering…
You get to kill two birds with one stone... and by that I don't mean a bloody big stone on two tiny little birds
You get,
  1. a Stupid Ideas/Buys instalment (elsewhere).
  2. a handy Workshop Operational Tips instalment (here).

 How I extricated myself.

I remembered my Perspex (Acrylic) Repair/CA Clean-up. blog and thought that a cordless "buff" and some auto-polish 
may be my salvation.
Removed the now opaque bin from the Dyson 
and smeared a good coating of polish on the inside. Mounted the drill with one of the pads I used for cleaning up the Perspex and buffed away,
After a few minutes I refitted the Dyson with the clear bin… at least clearer.
Moral of the story is that if you have enough useless tools in your workshop, you'll eventually find something that will fix the impossible.

Happy SWMBO, sad lonely dog.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

sorry ducks im out !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.