Monthly Book Giveaway - December 2022
Boys and Girls,   Here I go again, echoing another one of my tips migrated from my Lumberjocks publication on 28th. Jan 2020.   Pick your 🏴‍☠️(poison): • If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner with a perspex dust holder, say goodbye. • If you are unhappily
Boys and Girls, Lately I have been taking more notice of workshops than actual projects and have acclimatised myself to getting canned for my choice of Fe$tool.     I no longer have this issue (about to be revealed), as I have upgraded all my shop
Boys and Girls,   Here we go with another LJ hint posted 18th. June, 2019 that I convinced myself to migrate here to Craftisian.    Yet again this is another one of my plagiarised hints so only send small checks (though they may include large values).
Boys and Girls,   Hands up all those people that haven’t used double sided tape… hmmm, as I look around in my office, I just don’t see any hands up.   Hands up those that have had issues with trying to peel off the backing of double sided tape… hmmm,
Boys and Girls,   Another tip I published on LJ back in 9th. Oct, 2019.  To supplement it I created this video, It seemed to be relatively popular making me thing it may have provided some useful information.  If that is true, it’s what prompted me
Boys and Girls, This article has been transferred from a LJ project I posted back in 24th. Sep 2017. If you’re not too fond of reading, I have made this video… or read on. Right from the start, I would like to fess up that this is no way my idea.  I
Boys and Girls, While wading through the members roll call, I noticed Keifer a long standing member. I considered one of his articles posted long ago as exceptional, and I plagiarised it at Lumberjocks in order to percolate it to the top and hopefully