Double radius Gauge

This may be of interest if you make radius cupboard door or the like.
As I dont have a CNC or the Klein Arkade +Zinkel+ Ellix I have to do double radius's by hand.
I built this jig for doing 450 mm and 600 mm Double radius doors.
How it works is instead of ending in a radius arc point it produces a secondary radius ending vertically.

Its a fairly crude device but does what I need for door tops.
While trying to decide the profile for the back of my 8 drawer cabinet I decided to set it up and see if i could produce an effective double radius over 1200 mm.

try not to look too closely at the engineering aspect as it was only temporary.
here is the finished radius.

A little of extending of the original gauge was required to accommodate the 1200mm width.

Then is was simply a matter of drawing in the double radius.
The primary radius was done with the gauge locked.

Then it was simply swung left or right to complete the Arc.
Once you were near the end the gauge was unlocked and set at the finish point.

You just perved through the pencil hole to get the best image, then locked/clamped the main part of the gauge in position.

Then swung the secondary arc section back and locked it with the special pin again

Retracing the original pencil line to the right and repeat the same process.

The material needs to be screwed to the bench  and yipee its done!

I had to extend the gauge to 2435 mm and used the second pencil hole.
Trivia:- Do you want to know how I made the Double radius gauge? ... well read on

Locked in its position with the "special" pin it a simple radius gauge

It pivots on the screw you see you see at the left.
the pencil holes don't need to be perfect but if you want to use your PARF gear to get it dead accurate  you can do so.

The length is completely adjustable to suit the material width, and in this case it was set up for 1200mm 
Alignment for it all is by eyeballing through the pencil hole to confirm correctness.

Standby for my 3D router Carver blog next!

Regards Rob

++1 ... Thx RC... 

Am I jumping the gun, is this for drawing only, or the rooting is to follow?

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

That is interesting Rob. And it beats free handing a arch.

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Well I for one am not physically able to “perv through a pencil hole.”
Thanks guys
LBD. Yes sadly its just for drawing the arcs then, its  bandsaw out and finish sand to the profile line whereas the Klein has the ability to fix a router.
Eric:-  yes agree
HokieKen:- Ha ha maybe I could widen the pencil hole to resemble a key hole Opps sorry did I say that!

Regards Rob

the correct link ..well english  for a start

Regards Rob

Handy,Dandy radius gauge, Good job thanks for posting

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I really like this design a lot Rob.  It's unlike anything I've seen before but I can see its usefulness in a lot of situations and in a lot of different sizes.  Thanks for posting!