Help with my Makita 4" Belt Sander issue please!

Help with my Makita 4" Belt Sander issue please!

 I don't use my old Makita 4" Belt Sander all that much these days but needed to us it last week.
 It spat the sanding belt in about a minute, so I got a new one out of the box [old stash] and the exact same thing.
 After 5 belts let go, all along the seam I gave up using it and put it away for another day.
 My question is please ladies and gents;

 Does the join in the sanding belts become fragile as with age or is the issue with the machine and or the operator?
 Could I overcome that but adding a layer of the fiberglass filament tape?
 Thank you in advanced, Cheers crowie

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Seems like I saw a video where they heated up the glue line with a hair dryer then clamped it between two boards.
Since they already came apart add some robber cement and then clamp it, make sure you use some paper between the wood so it will come apart.
Just my $.02

Old belts will split at the seam, has happened to me. If you have any belts attached you could try using a piece of tape over the seam.

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short answer YES best advise throw out and buy new one 👍


I bought several belts for a dollar each at an estate sale several years ago that were probably pretty old.  Every one of them broke almost immediately after putting them on the sander.  I don't know if it was just age or if they got hot sitting out in their garage in the summer heat around here but I learned my lesson about buying old belts.  So I basically bought some long  sheets of  course sandpaper that I am still using up.   

I also did some research at the time about repairing them.  I was not able to find anyone that sells the adhesive tape that is used to join them.  What I found was that they are either proprietary or were only available to commercial producers in huge bulk rolls.  There were a couple of videos about a DIY repair using some sort of glue but even the youtuber said is was not a very reliable fix.  

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Those old belts make good strips for sanding on the lathe.

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Great advice Eric!!!


Yep been there done that !

There is no reliable economical repair possible.
Linisher  No
Sand Cat No
Any belt sander No  (ncluding Festies)

Selleys products ... Fail
Gorilla products... Fail
Signet products ...Fail
all seem to work then when you least expect it a nasty bitch slap occurs!.. definitely ruffles the feathers big time!
The best way is do not hold bulk belts, however if necessary hide then from the sun and elevated temperatures.
Maybe hide them in  beer fridge if you have one, but in no circumstances the main food fridge as something bigger than a BS may occur causing a elevated tone in your voice!

I will accept a task to ask my supplier The Sandpaper man if there has been any advances in technology and report back accordingly.
As reported recycling and repurposing is the go currently.


Regards Rob

Thank you Rob

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