Finish Question Please!

Ladies & Gents, I’m making a batch of “holding crosses” for my old Navy Retired Chaplin friend. The chaplain at the retirement village were he & his wife live asked if anyone know a woodworker who could make a dozen large & a dozen small “holding crosses” for the high care folk. 
So long story short, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf and I are making the holding crosses. 
My question is on what finish should I be applying please. 
Thank you in advance. 

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I've done a mixture of timbers and thicknesses using up offcuts awaiting a project!

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Another beautiful project.  Look forward to hearing what you use for finish.  
Another beautiful project.  Look forward to hearing what you use for finish.  

I’m just hoping someone from the knowledge bank can advise me or suggest a finish for them 👍

Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings

Wonder if Odie's would be an option?  I'm no expert so will be following to see what others suggest.
A very difficult question. If you ask ten people this, you may get ten different answers. This is always very personal. And there are many possibilities, and perhaps that they are all possible and good. I know that above response will not help you.

And that's why I mention that I would choose between a clear coat (synthetic) or BLO. And I lean most towards clear coat.

I would use tung oil. Three or four thin coats leaves a surface that’s durable and feels good in the hand. Tried and True Varnish Oil or Odie’s would be similar oil finishes that still provide good protection. In all cases with oil finishes, more thin coats is far superior to fewer thick coats.

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I would think, since the intention is that the cross is held in the hand, that the feel of the finish could be important. I don’t think they’re necessarily going to get a lot of ‘wear and tear’ but some handling may wear the finish a little. Given that, I could see a hardwax oil being a possibility. TWW really liked Natura Onecoat for that. I don’t have any experience with it, but it gets good reviews.

Odie’s Oil is another one that I really like for things hands are going to feel. And it’s easily refinished since it’s just a wipe on process. It’s my go-to for small quick finish wax oil projects. 

Tried &True and pure Tung oil would be other good choices, as stated. 

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Australia, right?  That may make my recommendations moot if they don't have it down under but for tool handles, I love the feel of Tried and True Varnish oil.  It gives a silky smooth feel that is very pleasing in the hand.  It is basically a boiled linseed oil with a little natural varnish in it.  The varnish gives it a little more protection than a straight BLO or tung oil finish.  The downside is that these oil finishes take several very thin coats to build up the finish over several days and some take weeks to fully cure enough that they do not smell.  Hardwax finishes is another option that will feel great in the hand.  A simpler and maybe easier to get option would be a couple of coats of a wipe-on polyurethane.  The oil based versions will feel better in the hand.  You can make your own wipe-on poly by thinning it 50-50 and oil based poly with mineral spirits. 

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I would use a couple coats of clear shellac.

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Since these are held in the hand, tactile sensation is important.  I would use Odies or even a mineral oil/beeswax mixture.  It will protect the wood but allow the owner to “feel” the texture without a plastic sensation.  It’s the same finish I use on natural wood toys. Protects but doesn’t feel fake.  My $0.02.  A terrific project.  
I haven't used all the various options suggested so not sure how the others compare, but Odie's does have a "nice" smell (citrus like) when applying.  Doesn't seem to retain that for too long either.  
Or:  😉

Thank you Jan for reminding me of Kustoms Creations. 

I wasn’t sure what or if Scott made a suitable product, so I rang him telling him what and why I was making the crosses. 
He said he made a liquid beeswax which will do the job. 

Today I spent a few hours doing the shaping/sanding on the crosses, but then my bobbin sander stopped. 
Upon investigation I found the brushes shot so have had to order a new set which will take 3-4days to arrive, bother!

I’ve also ordered the Kustom Creations liquid beeswax. 

THANK YOU everyone for your learned advice to help me, it’s very much appreciated. 

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Soak them in OP Bundy and if it's put in the mouth,
  • The kids will go to sleep.
  • The blokes will be happy.
  • The ladies will chase after the Chaplin.

Cheap and woodwortking in the same sentenc is an oxymoron!

I would use any locally available type of butcher block finish.
went to get a selection of  Kustoms Creations products from Carbtec Brisbane nil stock, went to order on line and a shipping charge appeared  so I will wait and revisit soon .

BTW My choice would be either  TO or clear finish.

However I did see the passifier suggestion! 

Back off home today after being away for over 1 month in Sydney.
No 1 son was exhibiting at the 4WD show Syd then Melb EV show we did over 5K, in klms.
Shipping container arrived as well so I have been a busy boy,
I wanted to do a CDO reunion but was not able to jig off! So it may be next visit


Regards Rob

Well gents I went with the Kustom Grit Liquid Beeswax, 2 coats both sides. 
I finally delivered them yesterday. 

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That finish sure looks great. Nicely done.  
Forgot a photo of Papa Smurf and Handy Smurf helping. 

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Nice to have good helpers!