Flip-Top Cart #6: Reclaiming Storage Space in the Base


This is part 6 in a 8 part series: Flip-Top Cart

Due to the base construction, there is now a pair of enclosed compartments in the base which I wanted to be able to access.  There were two ways that I could do this.  I could either cut an access hole in the side panels or cut access holes on the interior shelf.   My main reason for wanting to reclaim the space was that it would be a perfect place to locate a power strip that that both tools would use.

In the end, I thought it would be easier to access the cubbies from inside the cabinet.  But before working on the shelf, I installed a couple full-extension slides.  The ones I had on hand were only 22", but they should be okay for a 26" deep drawer.  I'll store a couple rolls of sandpaper for the sander in there.  (Note the temporary back I have installed.  I need to go cut a taller piece for the back.)

I cut the long edge of the shelf openings with jigsaw, cutting proud of the line so I could flush-trim it afterwards.  I cut the short edges of the opening on the bandsaw as close to the final location as possible since I would not be able to flush-trim up to the side.

Flush trimmed and fastened in place:

I didn't want these cavities filling-up with sawdust, so the plan is to make some removable covers that will drop in flush with the rest of the shelf.  I glued and nailed a cleat on each short end.

One of the sides will get a large hole for electrical cords to come in/out, and the space is plenty big for a power strip.  I haven't quite figured out what will go in the other side, but its nice to know that the space won't be wasted.

It’s always nice to find a way to reach otherwise wasted spaces like those.

Were you tempted to cut 2” or 2 1/2” holes in the two square cavities flanking the front of the drawer cavity? You could store a glue bottle or something similar in each. (On the other hand, they’d also fill up with sawdust.)
Good solution for the otherwise dead scace that was created for the base. The covers would be a must.

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Ron - Yes, I did think about using those little corner cavities, but in the end I decided against it.  It's kind of like saving every piece of scrap wood.  At some point, you just need to discard those small ones.

Eric - Even without the sawdust issue, I've got a couple cats that might think those are great places to hide out.  Covers would be a must.  :)
Haven't seen a cat yet that does not like a box.

Main Street to the Mountains

 Eric - the "Loft"
 commented 6 minutes ago
Haven't seen a cat yet that does not like a box.

Just so it's not mistaken for a litter box.