Wegner-Inspired Deck Chair #4: Back Slat Mortising


This is part 4 in a 10 part series: Wegner-Inspired Deck Chair

This step is out of order compared to the actual sequence of the build, but it seemed to make sense to present it now.  The back receives a set of five slats, spaced evenly across the width of the chair.  The slats fit into mortise in the three stretchers the form the back of the chair.

To ensure that the mortises in the three stretchers would be perfectly aligned, I made a long mortising jig with slots for all five mortises.  I consistently used one end to align with the right end of each stretcher.  The top and bottom stretcher each received a 1/2" deep mortise, and the center stretcher received through mortises (I had to rotate the piece to cut mortises from both sides).

With some slats cut out, I could do another dry fit.  (Here you can see that I had started work on the seat frame.  That part is up next.)
your becoming the master of these style chairs ross.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Thanks, pottz.  I hope that I get a little better with each build.  
The backs look really nice.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thanks, Eric.  I quite like the look too.  I may redesign that middle stretcher on the 2nd chair (and retrofit the 1st if successful) to make it more comfortable on the back.  With a thinner cushion, you can feel it, and it doesn't feel good.  I'll wait to see how the new cushions work before I decide.  They should arrive tomorrow.