A collection of Clamps. #27: Dovetail Clamps.


This is part 27 in a 28 part series: A collection of Clamps.

Boy and Girls,
I primarily use these type of clamps with my tracksaw, however, before yazall mutiny and accuse me of Fe$tool spruiking, Microjig have their own version of Dovetail track clamps,
I don’t have any of those, so yazall will have to turn a blind eye to my Fe$tool centric pictures.
There are basically 2 types of their dovetail clamps:-
1.     The cheaper “standard" F style clamps. 
... great in tighter spots.

2.     Dearer ratchet clamps,
... quick action, space permitting.
As mentioned, I use these with my tracksaws if I need to anchor down the track… and can...  otherwise I use dogs. 
The standard F clamp is ideal,
when you need to get up close...  and preferably the ratchet
for ease and speed... space permitting because of the extending lever.
I’ve never been a fan of top down clamping, 
as is obvious with the over the top protrusion.
Though tabletop surface thickness and accessibility plays a major factor, being an true blue black Aussie, I prefer the down under approach,
for less intrusive clamping.
This is why I prefer the MFT style tabletops (20mm), as a ¾” thick tabletop with ¾” dog holes, just manages threading the clamp through the hole… that extra 1mm of the 20mm dog hole makes a major difference… this also holds for those 19mm quick-grip shafts through 19mm dog holes… oh so squeeze.
These clamps are very popular for tabletops with a maze of dovetail tracks and can be seen in many workshop setups.  I’ve never adopted the practice, however I a made a quick dovetail track for demo purposes,
While on the topic of dovetail tracksRockler sell these dovetail slides,
 which could be very handy in jig making… that’s what I bought them for… but the jig was up and never used as such.
The main thing I can add with these clamps… though probably seldom used, they open up extra opportunities for awkward clamping requirements.
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If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Another clamp that you have not shown is a brick, concrete block, lead weight can of bolts and nuts, well anything heavy to sit on top of a board till the glue sits up.   Ha ha.   Have used some dive weights for that.


Damn 987, You've conned me into revealing my secret weapons,

wuz gonna keep them for my finale!

Bricks and concrete are for Philistines.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD