VW Logo Blank #1: Design and Material Prep


This is part 1 in a 8 part series: VW Logo Blank

  1. Design and Material Prep
  2. Lower half
  1. Final Turning

 This project is part of a larger project that I have not yet shared (once I do, I’ll put the link here). 
Also, the build sequence has enough detail that it is worth a blog – so here we go. 
I plan on using a replica of the Volkswagen logo and want to create a blank to provide raw material for future projects. I started with an image pulled from the internet.

I wanted an end grain version of this logo. I spent a bit of time working out a build sequence that would allow me to create a wood version of this. After getting a build process laid out in CAD and dialing in my desired size, I started the build. 
The wood choices are maple and walnut. I wanted some dimensional stability so I built up slabs of each type with strips with alternating grain direction.

Some of the parts required a double thickness of the walnut.

After I had my first set of slabs I could start some glue ups.

The assembly is done in 2 halves. We’ll start with the lower half in the next part.
Clamps look like a bunch of remoras chewing on a slab of meat!

That is going to be massive Steve give that much wood. Eager to watch how you plan on releasing the inner VW!
Yeah, it kinda does! Spring clamps don't apply much clamping force so lots of them come in handy!