VW Logo Blank #2: Lower half


This is part 2 in a 8 part series: VW Logo Blank

The first glue up is a layer of maple and walnut. These pieces have extra thickness and will be set to the correct thickness later.

I have some photos from the build and will include them. I did not get a shot of everything so I’ll use CAD images to make sure the whole process is described.

The next glue up is another set of maple and walnut. The walnut layer is one of those that used a double thickness.

The maple layer is set to final thickness with a drum sander. 
The third glue up combines the first 2. The 2nd block is cut on angle to form the bottom face in the image below. A support board is used to keep the 2 sets aligned.

Once the glue is set the maple and walnut strips are set to final thickness. Even with the support board I had a small amount of shifting between the 2 assemblies. I shimmed the gap so I would get a level run through the thickness sander.

You can see the gap in the lower right of this photo.

The next glue up adds a layer of maple to the top and a layer of walnut to the bottom. The maple is sanded to final thickness while the walnut still has extra thickness.

The last step for this part of the assembly is to add a saw kerf. Locating this kerf is critical to get the appearance right.

I have a picture of locating the kerf, but it is later in the process. The upper half is up next. 
A man on a mission!
Getting intricate!
Thanks! This was a very intricate build. The logo is very recognizable and I'm sure small errors will get noticed.