My Wood Shop #1: Wheaties


This is part 1 in a 1 part series: My Wood Shop

  1. Wheaties

This is the entrance to my Shop . In case your wondering the the sign he is holding says MR Goodlooking works here .

This is my office and finishing room . In this room I use a vacuum cleaner attached to each tool.

This is my lathe

This is where I do the rough cut , planing , If you look you will see my table saw at the end of the work bench , it lets me cut 4 x8 pcs of ply wood . The shelf and over head storage are made from 16 ft garage door panels . Between the wall and the shelf foe the saws there is a 4 in gap. In the gap is 4 in gutter sections . When I’m done with a saw I use a brush to clean it and sweep every thing into the gutter . Then I run the brush down the gutter and it all falls in a drum.

This is my tool strorage .


That is a NICE shop, so well organized and clean.


Nice shop. Like your gutter idea

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


It looks like you’ve got a good place to have plenty of fun! Thanks for sharing.


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I like it. It looks organized and enough room to work.

Renay's Way