Woodworking Awards - Winter 2022 - are open for votes

My work bench , Best wood shop buddy


The work bench is 36″ × 72″ × 37″ high. It has a large drawer under neath the top.

The drawer rides on garage door track. the rollers are inserted into holes drilled in the side of the bottom . 3 rollers on each side. It has a removable lid to keep mice out.

I store all my electrical hand tools in the drawer .

The top is 3/4 in plywood with 2″ × 4″ s on 16" center under neath . It has a 4 gang electrical , retractable receptical on the side . It also lines uo with my table saw which helps alot when cutting full size panels.


It’s been used for sure.
I can’t say the same about my bench which will be history soon, I hope.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice Bruce, looks like an old friend.


Looks pretty solid, I like the large drawer


Looks sturdy and very useful Bruce.

Mike, an American living in Norway